Welcome to Total Expert!

The Total Expert dashboard is your main point of navigation throughout the platform. You will find links, widgets, your settings, and more to help you complete tasks, meet goals, and communicate with your clients and partners. 

*Depending on your organization and whether you are a lender or an agent, you may see different options than the image shown above.

Account Bar

At the top of your screen, you have your “Account Bar.”

This bar allows you to search for and add a contact, along with accessing resources, checking notifications, and managing your account.

Navigation Pane

The “Navigation Pane” along the left side of the dashboard is one of the methods you can use to navigate platform.

This menu has many available features, letting you manage contacts, your activity stream, print marketing, and website marketing.


The Widgets section provides quick navigation to some of the most used features in the platform.

These buttons let you know if you have new leads or tasks to complete, and it shows your email open rates, co-marketing partners, and more.

Quick Links

Quick Links functions similarly to the Widgets section. However, they link to other areas of the platform to allow for greater mobility throughout the platform.

Using these buttons, you can navigate to different interfaces quickly -- like the Single Property Sites interface -- helping you complete tasks in a short period of time.

Recent Activity

Your recent activity gives you an on-the-spot overview of your account. In this section, you can see the status of your projects, email campaigns, SMS campaigns, and more.

Help Button

A blue chat button is in the bottom-right corner of the platform. If you need help or have questions related to your account, you can click the button to open a chat window. A Total Expert representative will reply to your inquiry within a short period of time. 

You can also email us at support@totalexper.com or reach us by phone at 800-830-9085