Welcome to Total Expert!

The Total Expert dashboard is your main point of navigation throughout the platform. You will find links, widgets, your settings, and more to help you complete tasks, meet goals, and communicate with your clients and partners. 

*Depending on your organization and whether you are a lender or an agent, you may see different options than the image shown above.

Account Bar

At the top of your screen, you have your “Account Bar.”

This bar allows you to search for and add a contact or co-marketing partner, along with accessing resources and managing your account.

Navigation Pane

The “Navigation Pane” along the left side of the dashboard is used to navigate the pages within Total Expert.

Hover your mouse over an option to expand the menu.  You can also click the icon in the upper-left to expand or collapse the menu.


Depending on your organization, you may have access to additional dashboards such as Loan Pipeline or Funded loans.  Click on the name of each dashboard to toggle your view.

Quick Links

Quick links will take you directly to varios marketing menus within Total Expert.

Quick Contact Management

You can search for existing contacts, create a new contact, or add a co-marketing partner connection.


You can access help resources by clicking the "?" icon.

Account Settings

You can manage your account settings by clicking your name in the top-right corner.

Recent Activity

The recent activity section of the dashboard shows recent events within your account.  Click on a contact's name for more details on that contact or click "View Activity Stream" to see all activity in your account.

Total Expert Support

If you need assistance with the Total Expert platform or have questions related to your account, you can click the chat button in the lower-right corner to open a chat window. A Total Expert representative will reply to your inquiry within a short period of time. 

You can also email us at support@totalexpert.com.