You can access your contacts list in two ways. There is a “Manage Contacts” section in your Quick Links section on the dashboard, or you can click on “Leads & Contacts” on your navigation bar, then click “Contacts.”

From here, you can see a list of all contacts within your account. In this menu, you can sort contacts by clicking the column headers at the top, such as last name, email, etc.

You can export the list of contacts by clicking the export button (highlighted in red)

You can perform actions on contacts such as adding them to a group or sharing them to a partner with the "actions" button, which will appear after you've selected at least one contact.  You can also perform actions or leave quick notes on an individual contact by clicking the ellipses or the pencil icon next to that contact record.

The column visibility button (highlighted in green) can be used to turn on or off columns of information.

The filter button and reset button (highlighted in purple) can be used to apply a filter to your contacts or to clear any existing filters from the page.

Viewing a Contact Record

Click on a contact’s first name to see a detailed overview. You can view their recent activity, detailed information, assigned tasks, and more. You can also add more information to the contact record by clicking the orange “edit” button next to the contact's name.

Adding a Contact to a Group

You can add a contact to a group in two ways.  From the contacts menu, you can select any number of contacts, then click "Actions" and "Set Groups."  This will allow you to add or remove the selected contacts from the indicated group(s).

From within a contact record, you can click into the "Groups" box to add the contact to any number of groups.  This pane will also indicate which smart groups the contact is in.  For more information about groups and smart groups, please visit this article.


In addition to the search bar, you can also filter your contacts to make a specific list by clicking the blue “Filters” button on the top right of the screen. From here, you can sort through your contacts in many ways.  The contacts page is dynamic, so any filters you choose will be applied without having to reload the page.  Just click the "X" on the top-right when you are finished adding filters.  Click "Reset Filters" to clear any filters applied.

The "Contact Filters" section will show by default.  You can also view these filter categories: Contact Date Filters, Contact Employer Filters, Loan Filters, Loan Date Filters, Email Filters, and Listing Filters (restricted to agent accounts).

Setting Lead Statuses

You can set a status on any individual contact record.  To do this, you can use the "lead status" drop-down box under the "quick edit" section of a record.

When a status is selected, a colored bar will show next to the contact record on the main contacts page.

Hot is indicated by red.

Medium is indicated by orange

Cool is indicated by blue

Convert is indicated by green

Bad Information is indicated by grey.

When applying a filter to your contacts page, you can filter by status.