The "Groups" menu can be found by navigating to Leads & Contacts -> Groups.

Create a New Group - Click the "+ Create" in the top-left corner.  Add a name and description.  A group with only a name and/or description will be a manual group.  You can freely add and remove contacts to/from this group.

Create a Smart Group - When creating a group, after adding a name and description you can use the "smart group" filters.  These let you set a filter for a group that will automatically add or remove contacts from the group.  You can set a filter for creation date, "valid email address," loan statuses, etc.

Editing or Deleting a Group - Click the selection checkbox next to the group you want to edit/delete, then click the edit or delete button that appears in the top-left corner after selecting a group.  Note: If there is no check mark under the "editable" column for a group, this means that the specific group can't be edited or deleted.  This is usually because group was created from loan data coming into your account from your LOS.

Adding a Contact to a Group

You can add a contact to a group in two ways.  From the contacts menu, you can select any number of contacts, then click "Actions" and "Set Groups."  This will allow you to add or remove the selected contacts from the indicated group(s). 

From within a contact record, you can click into the "Groups" box to add the contact to any number of groups.  This pane will also indicate which smart groups the contact is in.  For more information about contact management, please visit this article.