The Lead Routing menu can be found by navigating to Leads & Contacts -> Settings -> Lead Routing.  If you are the leader of a team and you want to distribute incoming contacts to your team members, you can use routes to automate this process.  Click on "+ Create" to create a new lead route.

Name - This is the name of the route.

Default Acceptor - The Default Acceptor is the person who receives the contact if nobody within the route accepts the contact when it is passed to them.

Delay Pass - This is the amount of time that the current team member in the routing order has to accept the contact before the contact is passed to the next person in the routing order.

Route Order - Select any user from the "users" drop down box and click "add" to add them to the route.  This list will include team members and co-marketing partners.  Once you have added team members, you can reorder them by clicking and dragging the boxes with their respective names.  Click the red "x" to remove a user from the route.

The first time a route is used, it will start with the first user in the list.  It will cycle through the order until a user accepts the contact or until a full pass has been made through the route.  If a full pass has been made and no user has accepted the contact, it will be distributed to the "Default Acceptor".

If a user does claim a contact, the next time the route is used, it will start with the user that was in line after the user that accepted the previous contact.

Note: If you have AT&T as your cellular service you will be notified of a new contact through lead routing, but you will have to accept the contact via email or from your CRM. AT&T services are not compatible with Lead Routing notifications.