To create new lead sources, navigate to Leads & Contacts -> Settings -> Lead Sources.   From this menu, you will be able to assign groups, campaigns, welcome emails, and welcome text messages to incoming contacts that come from a specific source.  To create a new source, click “+ Create.”  You can also assign a lead source to an existing contact.  If you do this, any automation that is part of the lead source (welcome emails, etc) will not occur.  The automation features of lead sources will only occur for incoming leads that match that source (that are not entered manually).

Source Name

You will type the name of the lead source that you want to use, ensuring new leads are assigned to it.

Sources can include single property sites, event registration forms, open house forms, and advertising services.

Welcome Email

This allows you to pick a greeting email and set a delay if you choose to use one. To create a greeting email, follow the steps in the “Email Marketing, Email Campaigns” article.

Lead Assignment Routing

This allows you to pick which route the lead will follow if you have a lead route set up. To set one up, follow the steps in the “Leads & Contacts, Lead Routing” article.

Default User 

If you are the team leader, this allows you to set to whom a new contact is assigned.

Auto Assigned Email Campaign

This allows you to set an email campaign to every lead generated by this source. Follow the directions in the “Email Marketing, Email Campaigns” article to set one up.

Auto Share New Leads With:

This allows you share new leads generated by the source with another agent or lender.

Auto Add New Leads to Groups

This allows you assign any new leads from this source to a group that you have created. To create groups, follow the steps in the “Leads & Contacts, Groups and Smart Groups” article.

Assigning a Lead Source to an Existing Contact

To assign a lead source to an existing contact, you will edit the contact.  Then the option to choose a lead source or add a new source will be on the right.