Tasks can be used to set reminders on contacts to perform actions such as calling them, filing a piece of paperwork on a specific date, etc.  The morning that a task is due, it will be included in the Daily Email Digest (if you are opted in to receive that notification from your account settings menu).

Adding and Viewing Tasks Specific to a Contact

To add a task to a contact, click "actions" and "add task" from within their contact record.  You can also click the "add task" button in the "Open Tasks" area of their contact record.

When adding a task, you can enter a title, task notes, pick the due date and time, select who the task should be assigned to (if you are the member of a team, you can select your team members here), and select if an email should be sent to the contact when the task is marked as completed.

Any open tasks can be viewed on the right-hand side of a contact record in the "Open Tasks" area or in your tasks menu.  

To mark a task as completed, click the check box on the top-left of the task.  You can edit or delete a task with the buttons on the top-right of that task.

If you are integrated with Google or Office 365 in your integration settings, you can also view your tasks and appointments in the calendars in those apps.  See our Integration Services articles for more information.

Viewing All Tasks and Adding a General Task

You can view all tasks assigned to you or created to you by clicking the Tasks option on your navigation bar.  Note for Teams: If you are part of a team and a team member assigns a task to you, you can see all tasks assigned to you in this menu.

Click the "ellipses" icon next to a task to edit, delete, or mark a task as completed.  You can create a new task by clicking the "+ Create" button on the top of this menu.

Recurring Tasks

From within a contact record, you can create a recurring task by clicking "Actions" and "Add Recurring Tasks."  A recurring task will remind you to complete a task at a specified interval.  So, for instance, you can set a task for "Call Mary" and set it to "weekly" to remind you to call Mary every week.  Recurring tasks can be found in the bottom-right of a contact record.

You can add new, view, edit, and delete all recurring tasks from the "Tasks" "Recurring Tasks" option on the main menu.