You can access the "Loans" menu by navigating to Loans -> Loans.

This menu will show you and overview of your loans in Total Expert.

Viewing a Loan or Contacts Attached to a Loan - Click on the loan number to view more details for that loan.  Click on the name of the borrower, co-borrower, or attached agents to view the associated contact record.

Filtering and Sorting the Loans List - To filter the list, click the blue "filter" button in the top-right corner.  The orange "reset" button will reset any existing filters.  Click on any of the column headers (loan number, primary borrower, etc) to sort the list by that column.

Emailing a Borrower - Click "actions" and "email" next to a loan to send an email to that borrower.

Loan Dashboard

You can access the loan dashboard by navigating to Loans -> Dashboard.

This menu shows you an overview of your loan pipeline or funded loans.  You can select which one you want to see with the drop-down menu in the top-left corner.  It will show a graph of your volume by date as well as a summary of the loans included near the bottom of this menu.