Co-Marketing Partners Menu

When viewing the co-marketing partners menu as a lender, you will see the available information and have the following options.

Invite New Connections - This allows you to send an invitation to an email address or addresses or choose contacts within your account to send an invite to.

Edit a Co-Marketing Partner - This allows you to make edits to your agent partners' marketing profiles.  Note: This menu will be present only if your organization has opted in to using this option.

Delete a Co-Marketing Partner - This removes the co-marketing partner from your list of co-marketing partners.

Invitation Link - If you click "Actions" and "Copy Invitation Link to Clipboard", this will allow you to send a pending invitation link through email, Facebook, etc. in order for the agent to register.  This is an option for you to follow up on the invitation that was sent through the co-marketing partners menu.

Send Private Email - If you click "Actions" and "Send Private Email", this will open your computer's default mail client and address an email to the pending email address.  This allows you to send the registration link in an email (in addition to the initial invitation).

Allows Profile Updates - When checked, this means that you can click "actions" and "edit" next to a co-marketing partner in order to update their account information for marketing purposes.

Status - This indicates the status of each pending or accepted co-marketing invite.  The possible statuses are listed below:

Pending - Email Not Delivered - The invitation email has not been delivered or it is undeliverable due to an invalid email address, bounceback, etc.  When an invite is first sent, it will show this status for a short amount of time before an invite is delivered.  This is because our email system can take several minutes to deliver an email.  

Pending - Email Delievered - The invitation has been delivered, but it has not yet been opened by the recipient.

Pending - Email Opened - The invitation has been delivered and opened by the recipient, but the recipient has not yet accepted the invitation.

Pending - Invitation Link Clicked - The invitation has been delivered, opened, and the recipient clicked on the link within that would take them to the account registration page.  They have not yet created an account.

Active - The recipient has created an account and you are now able to co-market with them.

Profile Completion Progress - This progress bar tracks how complete a co-marketing partner's marketing profile is.  This takes into account name, email address, physical address, job title, timezone, profile photo, company photo, and MLS information.

Agent Accounts - Agent accounts have the ability to delete a co-marketing connection, but you cannot invite a new connection or edit a co-marketing partner's account.

Inviting New Co-Marketing Partners

To invite new co-marketing partners, you will click "Invite New Connections" in the top-left corner of the page.

You can enter an email address to send an invite to.  If a contact in your account exists with that email address, you can select that contact.  You can also search for contacts by name.

Once the contact(s) is/are selected, you can either click "Create Invitation" or "Next"

Create Invitation - This will show you a preview of the co-marketing invitation email.  You can preview this email before sending the invitation to the indicated contacts.

Next - This will allow the you to pre-fill registration data for your co-marketing partner. 

Note: This menu will be present only if your organization has opted in to using this option. 


Note: if multiple email addresses were entered on the previous page, the "next" button will take you straight to the "Send Invitation" page and will not ask you to pre-fill any data.

Pre-Filling Co-Marketing Partners' Account Information

When a co-marketing invite is sent and your organization has opted in to using the "pre-fill" feature, you will be able to pre-fill your agent's information before sending the invite.  Any pre-filled information will appear in the indicated fields to the agent when they are registering for an account.  The agent will be able to correct this information or keep it as-is.  The available fields are picture below.

Preview of the Co-Marketing Invitation

When you either get to the final step of sending an invite or click "Create Invitation", you will see a preview of the co-marketing invite that will be sent.

Notifications for a Pending Co-Marketing Request and For an Incomplete Profile

Agent partners that receive a co-marketing invitation will receive reminder emails to register an account as well as reminder emails if they have an account that is incomplete.

Pending Co-Marketing Request - If a co-marketing invitation was sent to a potential co-marketing partner and they have not yet registered an account, they will receive a reminder email after 3 days and again after 7 days if they have not yet registered an account.

Incomplete Profile - If a co-marketing invitation is accepted, but the partner's account is not completed, the partner will receive a reminder email after 3 days and again after 7 days if they have not yet completed their account.  Account completion is based on account name, cell phone number, office phone number, physical address, profile photo, MLS market, MLS Agent ID, Employer, Company Logo, Job Title, and Real Estate State License Number.

Once a Co-Marketing Partner is Active

You can click on the name of your co-marketing partners to see a detailed overview of your connection with them.  This will show their contact and company info, media that you've created with them, and will show leads they've shared to you.

An active co-marketing connection allows you to share leads to your partner (and vice-versa) as well as create co-branded print materials, single property sites, and lead capture apps.


Why has my co-marketing partner not accepted my invitation?

Double check to make sure the email address is correct. Then, call your co-marketing partner and ask them to check their spam or promotional folders. Finally, delete the invitation that was sent and resend.

I sent the invite email, but my co-marketing partner cannot find it in their inbox.

Have your partner check their spam or junk folders.

Use the send private email button to send the registration link manually. You can also copy and paste the invitation link directly from the co-marketing partners screen.

Is it necessary to invite all of my co-marketing partners?

Yes, every co-marketing partner that is appearing on projects must have their own accounts. It only takes a few minutes to create an account.

What if my partner says ‘no?’

Remind them the system is free and there is no obligation for them to use the tools. Tell your partner that in order for them to appear on the projects they must have an account.

Will I be able to re-invite a co-marketing partner after I removed the connection?

Yes.  You will use the "Add New Connections" button to send them another invite that they can accept.