To create print materials, navigate to Print marketing -> Create new.  This menu will display all of the print material available to you.  The print pieces that you see are determined by your organization.  If you are an agent, you will have print pieces granted to you based on your co-marketing connections.

Search Bar – This allows you to search for specific templates without manually locating them.

Folders and Tags - Your print pieces will be organized into categories based on the type of print piece (print flyer, direct mail postcard, etc.).  They will also be organized with folders and tags, which will be set by your organization.  You can add your own tags to pieces by clicking "actions" and "edit tags" next to the piece.

Sorting and Display Options – In the top-right corner, you can choose to display your print marketing in a grid (default) or list view.  You can also change the default sorting option.

Creating a Print Piece

Click "actions" and "select" next to a print piece to begin the creation process.

Flyers That do not Require a Listing

 Some pieces do not require listing information.  If this is the case, select the lender and/or agent profiles and click "customize and publish" to continue.  For listing flyers, see below.

Listing Flyers

Color Scheme - On some flyers, you will be able to choose a color scheme other than the default

Co-marketing Partner Profile - Select which agent's listings should show to select from on the right.  This will pull listings based on the MLS ID and MLS region selected in the agent's account settings.  If no listings show, the agent may not have any active listings or their account information could be incorrect.

Select Disclaimer / Select State - Select the disclaimer to appear on the flyer (if applicable).

Search by MLS#, Location, or Agent Name - You can also search for a listing by state and the listings MLS#, location, or Agent's Name.  While the MLS# search is exact, the location search will turn up other listings in the same area.  So if you have the MLS# handy, that will produce a more accurate search.

Customize And Publish - After selecting a listing, click "customize and publish" in the top-left to see a draft of the flyer.



Media File Name - This is the name of the media piece.  This will show to you and any marketing or compliance approvers when you publish the piece (if applicable)

Draft Notes - You can leave notes about the piece here

Save First Draft/Save Draft - This will save your changes to the piece, but not publish it.  This will allow you to continue working on it.

Customizing Text - To customize text on the flyer, click into the text fields to edit them.  Note: Some flyers may not have editable text.

Customizing Pictures - To change the photos on the flyer, click on the photo you want to change.  The image library will appear, allowing you to choose photos from the MLS. You may also click Upload Image to add local images that are stored on your computer.  Select the image and click Use Image to add it to the template.  Note: Some flyers may not have editable picture areas.

Building a Co-Marketing Print Flyer - Video


After you have saved a first draft, click "Save & Publish" or "Save & Request Approval" (if the piece requires approval from your company's compliance or marketing departments) to publish the piece.


Other Menu Options Under "Print Marketing."

Orders – If you create a media through us, you have the option to order prints through us.  This is where those orders will show so that you can track them as they are being processed.

Image Library – This is where you can view all the images that you have uploaded to Total Expert.  You can also upload more media from this page directly.