You can access the single property sites menu by navigating to Web Marketing -> Single Property Sites.

The Single Property Sites menu will show you any previously created sites.  It will show you the name, provide you a link to the page, show the lead source, and more!

To create a new site, click the "+" create button on the top-left corner (highlighted in blue).

To edit an existing site, click the checkbox next to the site and then click the "update" button on the top-left corner (highlighted in red).

To delete an existing site, click the checkbox next to the site and then click the "delete" button on the top-left corner (highlighted in green).

To view an existing site or to get the link to share on social media, click on the "view page" button.  This will open the site in a new browser tab and then you can copy the link from the address bar of your web browser and share it!

Creating a Single Property Site


The settings tab (cog icon) will allow you to search for a listing and pick which agent and lender profiles you want to have shown on the site.

Show  CO-Marketing Agent's Listings - Select which agent's listings should show to select from on the right.  This will pull listings based on the MLS ID and MLS region selected in the agent's account settings.  If no listings show, the agent may not have any active listings or their account information could be incorrect.

Search by MLS# or Location - You can also search for a listing by state and the listings MLS# or location.  While the MLS# search is exact, the location search will turn up other listings in the same area.  So if you have the MLS# handy, that will produce a more accurate search.

Status - Whether the site is "live" or not.  The default is "active."  If you switch this to "inactive", the site is non-viewable even by those visiting the link.

Choose Your Template - Choose which template layout you want to use for the site.  This can also be adjusted later.

Agent Partners and Lender Partners - To show contact info on the site, select the appropriate agent and lender partners, then click "add" next to each box to add their profiles to the site.


The customize tab (pencil icon) allows you to customize the text and pictures shown on the site.  If you are creating a site manually (if the listing wasn't available via MLS), you can use this tab to add all the necessary info to create the site.

Note: If you do not want a text field represented on your website, such as the "Top Intro Text," leave the box blank.

Actions Button – From here, you can save changes, update the preview, and view the full site in a new window.

Click for a Description of the Editable Text Fields

Show Banner - You can add banners to the top of your site such as "Sold!" or "Coming Soon" to let customers know the status of your listing.

Force Registration - If you turn this on, it forces users to sign up on your site to view the property info, which will generate a lead source.

Color Scheme - Change the color of the buttons and theme on the site.

Meta Description - This is the description that search engines such as Google pull from your site.  We recommend making this the same as your description for the property on  This will automatically fill with that description if you chose a listing in the "Settings" tab.

Page Title - This will be shown in the web browser tab when somebody has your site open.  We recommend making it the property address.

Top Section Background - This is the background image that will be shown behind the property address information.  A front exterior shot is recommended.

Top Intro Text and Text Below Address - This will insert a header and footer along with your address.

Street Address, Cit, State - This will show the address on top of the background image.

Paralax Background - This will be an image that displays as a background behind the bedroom/bathroom number and the square footage of your home.

Bedroom, bathroom, square footage, year built - These will display in font of the paralax background picture.  If you want to exclude any one of these from your site, leave it blank.

Public Remarks Heading - This is the header above the price and description of your property.

List Price and Remarks & Details - These display the price along with a description of the property.

Video Link - If you want to include a video tour link or a greeting video, this is where you can put a link to a youtube or vimeo video or a link to other video services as well.

Virtual Tour - If you have a virtual tour set up for the property, you can also input a link for that here.

Map Full Address or Coordinates and Full Address for above map - If you fill the property address into these fields, there will be a Google maps display on your website with the location of the property.  Adjust the Map Address Heading for different text above the map.

Gallery Heading and Gallery - This is where you can add, remove, or adjust photos of the property.  By default it will pull all photos from your listing.  Click "Add Image" to add a new image from your account, a computer, or a URL.  Click the "X" on a photo to remove it.  Drag and drop the photos to rearrange them.

Social Sharing - If you turn this on, there will be a sidebar on your site and if you have your social media accounts linked to your profile, the links will take anybody who clicks them to your social media pages.

Contact - There will be a contact page built into the website that customers can use to get into contact with you.  Anybody who fills out the form will be added to your Leads & Contacts.

Team Section - When you chose an agent and a lender profile in the "Settings" tab, it imported each person's information into the website including their profile pic, company pic, email address, name, and phone number.  You also have the option to change the header and footer for this section.

Footer Parallax Background - This will be another background image that your cell phone number will appear over if you want to give customers an easy option to contact you.

Footer Logos - These options will show the agent and lender company logos on the footer of the site.

ADVANCED - Custom CSS and Custom Javascript

These options allow you to use custom code to modify the website.  This is not recommended since our templates have been heavily tested to work on multiple environments and changing these might change the formatting or performance.


The publish tab (globe icon) allows you to change the site name (for your reference) and customize the domain settings and page address link.

Website Domain – By default, the website will be published at  

This is a free domain for you to use. If you want to use your own domain, you may use the “Add Existing Domain” or “Purchase New Domain” buttons.  See the Using a Different Domain article for reference.

Page Address Link - This is the tail end of the website address and appears after the domain name.  A single property site with a page address link of "123-main-st" and the default domain will be live at  This can only contain letters, numbers, and dashes.

Finishing up – When you are satisfied with the site preview and you picked which domain you want to use, make sure to click on “Actions” and “Save.” Make sure the website’s status is “Active,” so it appears publicly.