Note: Depending on your organization, you may not have access to the "Add Template" button in your Email Marketing menus.

Navigate to "Email Marketing" -> "Emails" on your navigation pane to create an email template.

To start, click “Add Template” near the top of the email menu.

You can then enter a template name (the template name will only be visible within Total Expert), subject line, and thumbnail for the email (the thumbnail will only be visible within Total Expert).  You will then use the "Message Body" section to compose your email.

In order to address the email to each contact you would send it to, click “Insert,” followed by “Template,” then pick the template you want to use.  When you find the one you want, click “Ok” to add it to the email.

This will make sure that no matter who the email goes to, it can greet them by their name.  For example, if you start your email with "Hi {{recipient.f_name}}," the email will address each recipient by the first name that is entered within their contact record.