To import your existing contacts into Total Expert, please follow the instructions below:

1.  Export your contacts from your existing service(s).

2.  Use the valid column headers below to organize the sheet for import using a program like Microsoft Excel. You can download the template (bottom of this article) with the column headers already set up, so all you have to do is paste the applicable information from the export file.

3.  Save your import sheet as a .CSV file using Microsoft Excel or a similar program.

4.  Double check your data.  Total Expert is not responsible for any formatting errors within your CSV -- We will import as many of the contacts as we can. It is important to double check your file for any formatting errors or any data fields that may be entered incorrectly.

5.  Send us the sheet to import by emailing it to (Note: Your organization might have an alternate place to send contact imports, such as an internal marketing team. P).  Please specify if you want the contacts put into groups when imported.  .

In order to ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible, please use the following instructions when submitting your CSV:

Total Expert will recognize only the column headings listed above when importing contacts.

  • If first and last name are combined into one column in the export, please separate the columns into "First Name" and "Last Name" columns. 

  • Any other columns left in the sheet that are not listed above will still be imported, but as one General Note in each contact record.

  • Try to remove as much useless information as possible from the spreadsheet before attaching it to your request. This will result in cleaner records and fewer errors when we import your contacts.

When your spreadsheet is ready, please email it to  We strive to have them imported within 1 business day when possible.

Total Expert Contact Fields (Column Headings)

Close Date
Creation Date
Credit Score
Credit Score Date
Credit Score Expiration Date
Employer Address
Employer Address_2
Employer City
Employer License Number
Employer State
Employer ZIP
First Name
Last Contacted Date
Last Modified Date
Last Name
Lead Source
License Number
List Date
OK to Call
OK to Call - Spouse
OK to Email
OK to Mail
OK to Mail - Spouse
Phone - Cell
Phone - Home
Phone - Office
Pre-Approval Issued Date
Referred By
Referred To
URL - LinkedIn Profile
URL - Other
URL - Personal Website