To find previously created print media, navigate to "Print Marketing" -> "Saved."  Under this menu, you can view your drafts, pending, and approved media.  If you have tagged any media before, the tags will also be active here.

Templates without approval required will have a Publish button. Once the template has been published you may order, print to PDF or print to PNG.

When a template requires approval click “Request Approval” to begin the process.

You may leave notes for those reviewing along with the media.

Once your print media is approved, you have a few options for distribution.  If you click on the “actions” button to the right of the media you want to distribute, you see the following options.  Note: some options may not be available within your organization.

“Print and Ship” will allow you to get an estimated cost for a number of flyers and have them shipped to you or a co-marketing partner.  You will enter in the address where you want them sent and enter how many copies you would like printed.  After doing that, click “calculate rates” to get costs of various shipping methods.  After picking a shipping method, a cost breakdown will appear on the right which will show what parties are paying for the media.  When you want to confirm the order, click the checkbox and “Submit.”

“Generate PDF” will generate a printable and downloadable PDF file.  This is the best option if you want to print and distribute the media yourself.

“Generate PNG” will generate an image file of the media that you created.  This is best for sharing through email and social media.

“Archive” will remove the file from your account.  Do not use this option unless you are sure that you won’t need to access that file again.

"View Draft Notes" will show you any notes that were made when saving drafts of the flyer.


Printing and Shipping

After you click the “Print & Ship” option from the actions menu of a completed media, you will be prompted with this screen.  From here, you put in the address of where you want the flyers sent, pick the quantity, and pick the shipping method.  On the right, you will get a cost breakdown of how much the order will charge each party.  This breakdown can differ per flyer depending on its cost breakdown.  When you are ready to order, click the checkbox and then “Submit Order.”

Applying Payment to an Order

Depending on your organization's settings, some piece might be paid for entirely by your organization, but in some cases you might be responsible to pay for part or all of the print piece.  After following the steps above and placing an order, you can follow these next steps to confirm payment for the order.

First, navigate to "Print Marketing" -> "Orders."  There you will see all orders you've placed from your account and their statuses.  On the right, you will see the payment status of an order.  If you have a pending order that you need to pay for, you can click the "ellipses" next to the order and click "Pay."

Note: If you do not have a payment method saved to your account, there will be a window that pops up asking you to add payment info.  Adding this info, then clicking "Add Card" at the bottom DOES NOT confirm the order.  After adding your payment method, you must click the "ellipses" and "Pay" again.

Ordering EDDM Postcards

*At this time we do not offer any distribution lists of the addresses in which these postcards are sent to, per the relationship we have with USPS.

After you create and publish an EDDM (every door direct mail) Postcard, you will be brought to a menu with a map and an address search.  This type of postcard allows you to have it mailed to every residential (houses and apartments) address within a postal carrier’s route.  

To start, search for the area where you would like the postcards sent and zoom in on the map.  You will then see polygons highlighted in blue.  Each “zone” represents a postal carrier route.  Click on each zone that you wish to send postcards to. Highlighting a zone with your mouse will turn that zone green and provide a breakdown of that zone on the right hand side under the "route summary" area.  Clicking on a zone will turn that zone red and will add that zone to the "selection summary" on the right and provide you an estimated count of how many postcards will be sent.  The count is an estimate on this menu because USPS often changes their routes and the actual number of postcards might be slightly different.

The exact number of postcards that will be sent is calculated after you click “submit,” but before you complete the order.  After clicking “submit” and giving the page a few moments to load, since it's retrieving data from USPS, you will see a total cost and quantity as well as a breakdown of how it will be paid if it is a co-marketed media.  After you submit your order, it can be tracked through the “Orders” menu under “Print Marketing.”