This is your integration settings menu, accessible by clicking on your name at the top right and then clicking Integration Settings from the drop down menu. 


Total Expert can integrate with your Google Calendar and your Gmail account.

This shares the appointments and tasks you make on Total Expert to your calendar.  Right now appointments and tasks are a one-way sync.  You can change them from your Total Expert account, but changing them on Google will not update on Total Expert.

You can also sync your email.  Any messages you send to contacts or receive from contacts that are entered into your CRM will be logged in the contact record.

1. To start, click “Connect” under the Google Integration section.
2. Once you click “Connect,” you will be prompted to sign into Google, if you are not already. 

3. Google asks for permission to access your account. Clicking “Allow” gives your clearance to begin the integration.

To disconnect from any integration service after it has been connected, click the red “Disconnect” button in the Integration Settings menu.

Once connected, you can send email using your gmail account to a contact and the message will appear on the contact record in Total Expert.  In the picture below, you can see that I sent a message to this contact through my gmail account.  If that person replies, the reply will also show here.  This tab appears in the activity stream of the contact once you are integrated.

Viewing Appointments and Tasks on Google Calendar

Appointments and tasks that you create will show on your google calendar.  Appointments will show by default.  If tasks do not show, you will want to turn on your tasks calendar.  To do this on the browser based calendar (, click the "options" drop down next to the "reminders" calendar on the left and click "switch to tasks."