The Office 365 Integration works in the same way as the Google Calendar and Gmail integration.  Right now the Office 365 integration only works with Microsoft Exchange 2016, but we will be adding more support soon.

This shares the appointments and tasks you make on Total Expert to your Office 365 calendar.  Right now appointments and tasks are a one-way sync.  You can change them from your Total Expert account, but changing them on your Office 365 Calendar will not update on Total Expert.

You can also sync your email.  Any messages you send to contacts or receive from contacts that are entered into your CRM will be logged in the contact record.

To start integration with Office 365:

1. Click your name at the top right of Total Expert and then click "integration settings."

2. Click "Connect" next to the "Office 365" integration option.

3. You will be prompted to login to Office 365

4. You will be asked to grant permission for the integration.  After allowing the connect, you will then be integrated!

As before with the Google Integration, any messages sent or received to contacts from your mail will also show in that contact's activity stream.

Viewing Appointments and Tasks on your Office 365 Calendar