Lead capture apps generate registration forms for you to use on social media, at events, or at open houses.  These are on-screen forms that contacts, leads, and prospects can use to provide you their contact info.

To begin, click the "Lead Capture Apps" option on the navigation bar.

Lead Capture Apps Menu

The Lead Capture Apps menu will show you any previously created apps.  It will show you the name, provide you a link to the page, show the lead source, and more!

To create a new app, click the "+" create button on the top-left corner (highlighted in blue above).

To edit an existing app, click the checkbox next to the app and then click the "update" button on the top-left corner (highlighted in red above).

To delete an existing app, click the checkbox next to the app and then click the "delete" button on the top-left corner (highlighted in green above).

To view an existing app or to get the link to share on social media, click on the "view page" button.  This will show you the app and then you can copy the link from the address bar of your web browser and share it!

Creating a New App

To begin, click the "+" create button at the top-left corner of the lead capture apps menu.

This is where you will create your lead capture app page.

Layout: Select the template that you want to use.  You may have different options available depending on the organization you work with and your account type.  The most common options are the "Open House App," "Event Registration," and "Home Valuation" layouts.  Selecting an option will show you a preview of the app on the right.

Page Status: This lets you choose whether the page is active (can be viewed) or inactive (cannot be visited).  You will most likely want to make the page active, but marking it as inactive will let you shut the site down if you no longer want contacts to be able to use the form.

Page Name: This is the name of the app within your account.  The name also determines the URL for the form.  This name does not show on the form itself, but will show in the link if you share it.

Website Domain: This allows you to host the app on a domain that you've purchased and added to your account (under "Web Marketing" and "Domains").  This option may not be available to all account types.  For example, if you purchased the domain "123mainstreet.com," you can have the link to this app be "123mainstreet.com/open-house"

Website Address: This is an automatically generated link to the app.  This will always be the "page name" with a unique number at  the end.

Lead Source: This allows you to set a lead source for the app.  You can choose an existing one or create a new one.  This lets you set options for incoming leads to have them shared to co-marketing partners or have an email send to new contacts automatically.  For more information, see our lead sources article.

Page Title: This is the title of the form.  It will show near the top of the form and be contact-facing.

Page Subtitle: This will allow you to add a smaller subtitle under the main title of the page.  This will only show on the "event registration" layout.

Lender: This lets you choose the lender profile to appear on the form.

Agent: This lets you choose the agent profile to appear on the form.

Background Image: This lets you upload a background image of your choosing to use on the form.  We will provide a default image.