Creating a custom Drip Campaign

Navigate to “Email Marketing” -> “Drip Campaigns” from your navigation pane.

This menu will show all of the Drip Campaigns that you have access to. To add a new campaign, click the blue “+ Add Campaign” near the top left of the screen under your companies logo.  Note: Depending on your organization, you may not have the ability to create custom drip campaigns or modify existing campaigns.

From here, pick the name of the campaign, the type, and check the emails that you want to use in this campaign.

If you picked “Incremental Days” for the type, this sends out the emails “x” days after the campaign is assigned to a contact.

Day 1 sends the day after you create the campaign. Campaign emails send at 10 a.m. CST.

Keep in mind that an 'Incremental Days' drip campaign that is assigned to a contact after 6 PM CST (7 PM EST, 4 PM PST) will have the start date pushed back by one day.

If you pick date specific, this allows you send out holiday emails or promotional emails on a specific date.

Once you are satisfied with the campaign settings, click the blue “Save Campaign” button in the upper left underneath your company logo.

Example setups

Incremental Days

(You can click some images within the article to enlarge them)

Date Specific

Assigning a Campaign to an individual contact

You can assign campaigns to an individual from the Contact List or the Contact's Record using the following steps.

*Please note that both of the following methods do the same thing and may vary slightly depending on your organization's settings*

1. From Contact list

Find the contact you want to assign to the Drip Campaign and click the ellipses (...) to the left of their name.

In the drop down menu select "+ Add an Email Campaign"

That will pop out a menu on the right side of the screen where you can select;

    - The Drip Campaign you want to assign

    - A Co-Marketing partner (If applicable)

Once you are satisfied with your selections click on the blue "Submit" button, seen in the upper left of the following screen shot, to assign the Drip Campaign to the contact

2. From Contact's record

Find the contact in your contacts list and click their first name to enter the Contact's Record.

Look for the "Email Campaigns" box on the lower right side of the page.

*You may need to scroll down a little to see the box.*

Once you locate the box then click the turquoise "Add Campaign" button to pop up the window to select a campaign.

In the pop up you can select;

    - The Drip Campaign you want to assign

    - A Co-Marketing partner (If applicable)

When you have made your selections click the blue "Add Campaign" button to add the campaign to the contact.

Assigning a group to a Drip Campaign

To assign a group of contacts to a drip campaign you must first get all the contacts you want to assign into the group. This can be achieved a variety of different ways and you can read more about creating groups and grouping contacts by clicking HERE. 

*If you are planning to have us import a contact list for you then you can add a 'Group' column to the spreadsheet where you can denote what group you want the contact assigned to*

Once you have your contacts grouped click the blue filter button in the upper right of the Contacts page.

This will pop out the filter, there is an option within the filter titled "Include Groups."

Select the group, or groups, that you want from that drop down menu then click the 'X' at the top of the filter to close it. 

*The list will automatically apply the filter as you select groups.*

Look back to the left side of your contact list and find the checkbox at the top.

Click that to select all the contacts in the filtered list. Once you click it an 'Actions' button will appear at the top of the page. Click the 'Actions' button and then click "+ Add an Email Campaign."

That will pop out the same menu noted in example 1.

Make your selections and click 'Submit' to apply the Drip Campaign to all selected contacts.

How to tell how many, and which, campaigns a contact is assigned to.

There are two ways to tell if a user is currently on a Drip Campaign, the first way would be to check in his or her contact record under “Email Campaigns.”

The second way would be to add the "Email Campaign Count" column to the contact list through the 'Column Visibility' button on the upper right of the contact list.

*Please note that the second method will only show you how many Drip Campaigns the contact has assigned, not the names of the campaigns*

After selecting the Email Campaign Count column you will see a new column at the far right of the contact list that shows how many Drip Campaigns the contact has.

Removing a Drip Campaign from a contact.

To take a contact off a campaign, click on the red trash can next to the campaign name in the "Email Campaigns" box within the contacts record.