In order to post social media graphics to Facebook, you will want to connect to Facebook through your Integration Settings menu.  

Click "Add Account" next to the Facebook Integration

Then you will see a pop-up that directs you to Facebook.  If you are not logged in already, it will prompt you to login.  Otherwise, you will see a message saying "Total Expert will receive your public profile and friend list." with a "Continue as [first name]" button.  Note: While there is an "edit this" option to change the permissions granted, the default permissions are required for posting to work properly.  Total Expert will never post content on your behalf.

After clicking "continue" and confirming the connection on the next page, you will be taken back to Total Expert and you will be able to choose the pages you want to integrate with.  Right now this is limited to business pages only.

All connected pages will show next to the Facebook integration option.  You can click "add account" to add any additional pages or click on a page and "disconnect" to disconnect from a page.