To access and send email templates navigate to Email Marketing -> Emails.  This menu will display all of the email templates available to you.  The email pieces that you see are determined by your organization.  You can also add new templates by clicking "add template" on the top (this may not be available to you depending on your organization).

Search Bar – This allows you to search for specific templates without manually locating them.

Folders and Tags - Your email templates will be organized with folders and tags, which will be set by your organization.  You can add your own tags to pieces by clicking "actions" and "edit tags" next to the piece.

Sorting and Display Options – In the top-right corner, you can choose to display your email marketing in a grid (default) or list view.  You can also change the default sorting option.

Add Template - If available (determined by your organization), you can use the "Add Template" button on the main menu on the top to create a new email template.

Send an Email - Click "Actions" and "Send" next to an email template in order to send it.  Otherwise, you can click "Actions" and "Preview" to get a pop-up menu with a preview of the template.

Sending an Email

Click "Actions" and "Send" next to a template to load a draft and send it to a recipient list.

When the draft of the email loads, it will show the template name, email subject, and allow you to pick the delivery day and time (if you wish to schedule it for the future).

On the right you will see a draft of the email content.  Any tags in brackets such as {{ sender.f_name }}, {{ recipient.f_name }}, etc. will auto-fill with the appropriate information when the email is delivered to recipients.

Selecting Recipients - Click on the "Select Recipients" tab above the email body to select your recipient list for the email.  You can use the filter button in the top-right of the recipient list to filter your list of contacts.  Then, select each contact you want to send the email to (or click the "select all" checkbox).  Once recipients are selected, you can click "send message" on the left.