Auto-Campaigns allow you to automatically send emails to contacts from your account.  These are assigned to groups of contacts and have conditional triggers or date triggers.  Note: All auto-campaigns are created and granted access to you through your organization.

The Auto-campaigns menu will list your available campaigns and show statistics related to them.  You will see the "last modified date" (this is the last day that your organization modified the campaign), status, group count and contact count (these show how many recipients are assigned to the campaign) and the estimated cost per lead on an auto-campaign (for print auto-campaigns only).

Viewing an Auto-Campaigns Actions - Click "Actions" and "View Actions" next to an auto-campaign to see which emails are a part of the campaign and the trigger conditions for those emails.  The trigger conditions can be dates, lead details, loan details, etc.  Within this menu, you can click "preview email" to see a preview of each email in the campaign.

Assigning Groups to an Auto-Campaign - To assign groups to an auto-campaign click "Actions" and "Edit Group Assignment."  Use the drop-down box to select the groups you want to send the campaign to.  Then  collapse the drop-down box and click "Submit."  Note: Even if a contact is assigned to an auto-campaign, the auto-campaign will only send emails when a contact qualifies to receive it.  So if you have an auto-campaign that sends an email when a loan status moves to funded, you can assign contacts that do not have a loan and they will not receive an email (since they do not meet the trigger condition).  If, in the future, that contact closes a loan, they would then receive that email.