Actions plans are a way to save a series of tasks that you can assign to a contact at once.

The advantage of actions plans vs creating individual tasks is that if you have a standard workflow for new leads, it allows you to save that workflow into a task structure and apply it to all new leads.

To create a new action plan or edit and existing one, navigate to Leads & Contacts -> Settings -> Action Plans.

When creating a new action plan, you will give it a name, then click "Add a Milestone."  Under a milestone you can click "Add a Task."  You can add as many milestones and tasks as you wish.  Note: While you can add multiple milestones to a single plan, this is only for your own organizational purposes in creating the plan.  It will not be reflected in the contact record when the action plan is applied.

Task Name - When an action plan is applied to a contact, all of the tasks in the plan will show as open tasks and the name of the tasks will be reflected in the contact record.

Completion Email - When you mark a task as completed, if there is a completion email template chosen, that email will automatically send to the contact when the associated task is completed.  You can choose from any saved email templates in your account.

Assign To - Choose to assign the task to yourself, a co-marketing partner, or a team member.

On Day - Choose which day the task should be due.  The day # is based on the day the action plan is assigned.  Day 1 will be the day after the action plan is assigned.

Assigning an Action Plan

From within a contact record, you can assign an action plan by using the "Action Plan" box along the right-hand side of the contact record.  From there, choose the action plan you want to use in the drop-down box and click "Add."

This will also let you customize the action plan to this contact record before applying it (if you wanted to add another task or change the days that the tasks are due).

Once assigned, the action plan will generate the relevant tasks, which will then show in the "open tasks" section of the contact record.  The tasks can later be individually edited or deleted as needed.