Total Expert is able to import contacts to your account from a spreadsheet.  To import contacts from a spreadsheet to your account, please follow the instructions below.

1.  Use the valid column headers below to organize the sheet for import using a program like Microsoft Excel. 

You can download a template (bottom of this article) with all valid column headers as column headers within the template.  If you do so, you can paste the contact information you wish to import into the template.  Then you can contact Total Expert Supprt as outlined in step 4 in order to have the data imported.

2.  Save your import sheet as a .CSV file, NOT a .xlsx file.  A .xlsx file can be saved as a .CSV using Microsoft Excel or a similar program.

3.  Double check the integrity of your data.  Total Expert is not responsible for any formatting errors within your contact import file.  We will import as many of the contacts as we can.  It is important to double check your file for any formatting errors or any data fields that may be entered incorrectly.

4.  Send us the sheet to import by emailing it to or by using the chat widget in the lower-right while logged in. (Note: Your organization might have an alternate place to send contact imports, such as an internal marketing team).  We strive to process contact import requests within 1 business day of receiving them, when possible.

In order to ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible, please observe the following instructions before submitting your contact import file:

Data Requirements - If the provided import sheet does not meet the requirements listed below, we reserve the right to deny the import and ask you to update your spreadsheet in order to meetour requirements.

  • The file MUST be a .CSV file.  If your file is a .xlsx or .xls file, you can "Save As" in Microsoft Excel (or a similar program) in order to change the file type to a .CSV
  • Each column MUST have a header that clearly indicates what type of data is in the column.  For example, use "Cell Phone" or "Contact.phone_cell" instead of "Phone."  You do not need to match the column headers below exactly, but it should be clear which column would belong to each header that is listed below.
  • The name of each contact MUST be separated into "first name" and "last name" columns.  If the contact has a middle name or initial, it can be added to either the first name or the last name column.
  • For a contact to be imported, it MUST have at least a first name, last name, and an email address, phone number, or full address.  If a contact is missing a name or has only a name and no contact information, it will be skipped while importing.

  • In order for your contacts to be grouped within your Total Expert account, you MUST have a "group" column or a "" column within the import sheet that indicates the name of the group you want each contact imported to.  If you want a contact to be imported to multiple groups, it can be denoted by entering multiple groups into the "group" column and separating them with a comma (no spaces).  Ex: Realtor,Seller's Agent,Friend will put a contact into the Realtor group, the Seller's Agent group, and the Friend group within your account.  Groups will be created if they do not already exist.

  • You do not need to use every column header outlined below.  If you do not have data for a column (such as "birthday"), you do not need to include it on the import sheet.

Information about duplicate contacts:

  • Contacts that do not exist in your database already will be imported as a new contact.  Unless a creation date is specified on the import sheet, it will set a creation date of the current day.
  • Contacts that do exist in your database that are on the import sheet will not be duplicated, if the contact on the sheet can be matched to a contact in your CRM.  The importer will check the contact's first name, last name, email, phone numbers, and address.  If the name is an EXACT MATCH and at least one piece of contact info is an EXACT MATCH (email address, phone number, or address for a contact is the same in your CRM and on the import sheet), no duplicate will be imported.
  • Contacts that do exist in your database will have information imported to them that exists on the import sheet, but not in your CRM.  For example, if you have a contact that has a first name, last name, and email already in your CRM and you send us an import that contains that contact with a first name, last name, email, and cell phone number: the cell phone number will be added to the existing contact, provided that the name and email address EXACTLY MATCH the contact in your CRM.

Total Expert Contact Fields (Column Headings)


Column Header
Example if Applicable
Contact.f_nameContact's First name
Contact.l_nameContact's Last name
Contact.nicknameContact's Nickname
Contact.titleContact's TitleMr, Mrs, Ms, etc., 10 character limit
Contact.suffixContact's SuffixJr, III, etc.
Contact.emailContact's Email
Contact.ok_to_emailIf the contact is opted out of email communicationOpted out = 0, FALSE
Opted in = 1, TRUE
If not applicable, this can be left blank or not included
Contact.lead_sourceThe source of the, Referral, LOS, etc.
ContactGroup.nameThe name of any groups the contact should be a part of.  Multiple groups can be separated with a comma"Realtors,Clients,Friends" would put the contact into the Realtors group, Clients group, and Friends group within your account.
ContactNote.notesAny general notes for the contactIf you need to note anything for the contact that does not fall within another field
Contact.phone_cellContact's Cell Phone Number

Contact.phone_homeContact's Home Phone Number

Contact.phone_officeContact's Office Phone Number

Contact.ok_to_callIf the contact is opted out of phone communicationOpted out = 0, FALSE
Opted in = 1, TRUE
If not applicable, this can be left blank or not included
Contact.addressContact's Address

Contact.address_2Contact's Address Line 2

Contact.cityContact's City

Contact.stateContact's State

Contact.zipContact's Zip

Contact.ok_to_mailIf the contact is opted out of mail communicationOpted out = 0, FALSE
Opted in = 1, TRUE
If not applicable, this can be left blank or not included
Contact.employerContact's Employer

Contact.employer_addressContact's Employer's Address

Contact.employer_address_2Contact's Employer's Address Line 2

Contact.employer_cityContact's Employer's City

Contact.employer_stateContact's Employer's State

Contact.employer_zipContact's Employer's Zip

Contact.birthdayContact's Birthday
Can be formatted as MM/DD or MM/DD/YYYY
Contact.credit_scoreContact's Credit Score

Contact.credit_score_dateThe date the Contact's Credit Score was checked
Contact.credit_score_expire_dateThe date the Contact's Credit Score expires
Contact.list_dateThe listing date of the Contact's property
Contact.close_dateThe closing date of the Contact's property
Contact.referred_toIf you referred the contact to another person/party
Contact.referred_byIf another person/party referred the contact to you
Contact.spouse_f_nameContact's Spouse's First Name

Contact.spouse_l_nameContact's Spouse's Last Name

Contact.spouse_titleContact's Spouse's Title
Mr, Mrs, Ms, etc., 10 character limit
Contact.spouse_suffixContact's Spouse's Suffix
Jr., III, etc.
Contact.spouse_emailContact's Spouse's Email Address

Contact.spouse_phone_homeContact's Spouse's Home Phone Number

Contact.spouse_phone_cellContact's Spouse's Cell Phone Number

Contact.spouse_phone_officeContact's Spouse's Office Phone Number

Contact.spouse_addressContact's Spouse's Address

Contact.spouse_address_2Contact's Spouse's Address Line 2

Contact.spouse_cityContact's Spouse's City

Contact.spouse_stateContact's Spouse's State

Contact.spouse_zipContact's Spouse's Zip

Contact.spouse_employerContact's Spouse's Empoloyer

Contact.spouse_ok_to_callIf the If the contact's spouse is opted out of phone communicationOpted out = 0, FALSE
Opted in = 1, TRUE
If not applicable, this can be left blank or not included
Contact.spouse_ok_to_mailIf the If the contact's spouse is opted out of mail communication
Opted out = 0, FALSE
Opted in = 1, TRUE
If not applicable, this can be left blank or not included
Contact.linkedin_urlContact's Linkedin Page

Contact.other_urlAnother Website relating to the contact
Contact.website_urlContact's Website

Contact.pre_approval_issued_dateThe date the contact was issued a pre-approval