Requesting a New Lead Parsing Service to be Supported

If you would like to request that a new lead parsing service be supported by Total Expert, and it is not a service that we can already parse leads from, please follow the steps below:

1. Determine if the service you use is valid to integrate with Total Expert as a lead parsing service.  The service that you wish to add must meet these requirements: when a new lead comes into your account through this service, the service must have the ability to send a "new lead" or similar notification via email.  This notification must have the contact's information in plain text, rather than providing a link to where you can view the contact's information.  Example below:

2. Collect three examples of these notification emails and download them to your computer as .eml or .msg files.  Most email services, such as Outlook, will allow you to download a file of an email you have received.

3. Send us an email at stating which service you want to have set up for lead parsing and attach the three example emails that you downloaded earlier.

4. We will work to add lead parsing support for your requested service.  This can, in some cases, take upwards of 4 weeks.