As a team manager or Loan Officer Assistant, you can use your "Manage Teams" menu option to login to team members, view reports, and more!  Note: Some of the options presented below may not be available through your "Manage Teams" menu, depending on your organizations' setup.

When you visit the "Manage Teams" menu, you will see a list of the teams that you are currently a manager of.  You will have a number of options under the "Actions" menu that will be detailed below.

Manage Users

The "Manage Users" option allows you to see a list of members in your team and login to their accounts.  Click "Actions" and "Login" next to a team member.

Manage Print Orders

The "Manage Print Orders" option allows you to see all print orders placed by members of your team.  You can see who placed the order, their co-marketing partner (if applicable), the name of the piece, order date, status, and cost.  You can click "Actions" and "View Report" to see a more detailed report of a specific order.

Manage Single Property Sites

The "Manage Single Property Sites" menu shows all single property sites created by team members.  You can view the name, retrieve a link to the site, see the listing ID, template used, creation date/time, the creator of the site, and if they have a co-marketing partner on the site.

Loan Overview Menu

The "Loan Overview Menu" allows you to view a quick overview of your team members' loan volume.  You can view their loans in more detail by logging into their account and visiting their "Loans" menu.