• All auto campaigns are created by your organization. Please reach out to your internal administration team if you do not have access to view auto campaigns. 
  • Some users will already have their contacts automatically added to groups that are attached to auto campaigns.
  • Some users (real estate agents) will not have access to auto campaigns. 

Auto Campaigns allow you to automatically send emails to contacts from your account. These emails are assigned to groups of contacts and have conditional triggers or date triggers.  

Your auto campaign menu lists your available campaigns as well as their related statistics.

  • Name
  • Description - Details on the campaign. 
  • Last Modified - When it was last updated by your organization. 
  • Status
  • Group Count - How many groups are attached. 
  • Contact Count - How many contacts are attached. 
  • Est. Cost per Lead - Dealing only with print auto campaigns. 
  • Actions - Actions OR Edit Group Assignments.