As a team manager or Loan Officer Assistant, you will usually have the ability to assign tasks to your team members or be able to complete tasks that your team members assign to you.

Receiving Task Notifications

If a task is assigned to you, you will receive an email notification if the "Receive Email New Task Notifications?" setting is set to "yes" in your account settings menu.  Additionally, if the "Receive Daily Email Digest?" option is present in your account settings menu and set to "yes", tasks that are due will be included in the email digest on the day that they are due.

Viewing Tasks Assigned to You

You can view tasks that are assigned to you by going to your tasks -> tasks menu from the navigation bar on the left.  In this menu, you can see all tasks that you created for yourself as well as all tasks that a team member created and assigned to you.

If you click the "ellipses" next to a task, you can choose to edit the details of the task, delete the task, or mark it as completed.  You can also delete a task by checking the box next to it and clicking the "delete" icon that appears.