NOTE: You will first need to create a Business Manager account. Click HERE to learn how. 

You will not be allowed to add another ad account if:

  • The ad account has already been added by another Business Manager account. 
  • You already have a personal ad account added to your Business Manager account. You can only have one ad account from your personal Facebook account into Business Manager.
  • You have reached your ad account limit for your business. 
  • The ad account is a prepaid ad account. 

Adding an Ad Account

  1. Click HERE to be redirected to your business manager account. 
  2. Under Ad Accounts, click Add > Create a New Ad Account
    • A new modal window will appear.
  3. Input your new account information and click Next.  
    • A new modal window will appear. 
  4. Under this ad account will be used for, choose My business > Create
    • A new modal window will appear. 
  5. On the left side, select your user's name then toggle Manage Ad Account on. 
  6. Click Assign

PRO TIP: Please visit the Facebook Business Manager Help Center for more information.