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How to Invite Co-Marketing Partners

There are two options when it comes to inviting co-marketing partners:

  • Inviting contacts that already exist in your system
  • Inviting co-marketers that do not exist in your system by inputting their email address

  1. On the left navigation, click Co-Marketing Partners > Invite New Connections
    • A new modal screen will appear. 
  2. Under Enter Your Connection's Email Address for Co-Marketing, type in the name of the contact or input their email address if they are not a contact in your system. 
    • NOTE: Please ensure there are no spaces if inputting emails. 
  3. Choose Create Invitation OR Next
    • Clicking Next will send you straight to sending the invitation if multiple connections were selected. 

If Create Invitation was Chosen

  1. (Optional) update email content (if applicable). 
    • NOTE: The email subject header will automatically pull in your account name ({{ sender.f_name }}) while the email body message automatically pulls in the recipient name ({{ recipient.f_name }}). 
  2. Click Send Invitation

If Next was Chosen

  1. Input contact information, click Next.
  2. (Optional) input license and MLS information, click Next.
  3. (Optional) add a profile picture and/or logo image, click Next
  4. (Optional) update email content. 
  5. Click Send Invitation

After the invitation has been sent, the co-marketer will receive an email asking them accept. 

Need more help? Click HERE to view our co-marketing FAQ content. 

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