NOTE: You may only see certain layout options depending on your access. 

Lead Capture Apps generate registration forms that you use at events, open houses, and on social media. These on-screen forms allow you to easily gather contact, lead, and prospect information. 

  1. On the left navigation, click Lead Capture Apps
  2. At the top of the screen, click Create
  3. Update your settings:
    • Layout
      • Event Registration
      • Open House
      • Home Valuation
    • Page Status - Active (can be viewed) or inactive (cannot be viewed).
    • Page Name - Does not appear on the app itself, however it does determine the URL of the app.
    • Website Address - Automatically generated link to the app that includes page name as well as a unique number. 
    • Lead Source Choose an existing lead source or create a new one. Allows you to set options for incoming leads to have them shared to co-marketing partners or have an email send to new contacts automatically. 
    • Page Title - Customer-facing title of the form that appears at the top. 
    • Page Subtitle (only shows for event registration and home valuation) - Subtitle that appears under the page title. 
    • Show My Profile (only shows for event registrations) - Adds account information to footer of page. 
    • Lender (only shows for open house and home valuation) - Lender profile that appears on the form. 
    • Agent (only shows for open hour and home valuation) - Agent profile that appears on the form.
    • Background Image - Upload a new background image to appear on the form. 
  4. Click Save Landing Page

Click HERE to watch an instructional video on best practices for lead capture apps.