Total Expert makes compliant co-marketing easy. So easy that you may want to invite several partners at once to connect with you. However, without contacting the partners ahead of time, sending them a blind invite will likely not result in a new connection.

Below is a list outlining some best practices when wanting to invite several partners to co-market with you:

  • Make sure you reach out to your co-marketing partners prior to sending the invite. This will at least give them a heads up so they won't be thrown off guard when you do send the invitation. 
  • Connect with partners you already have existing relations with. An invitee is more likely to accept an invitation from a familiar name. 
  • Use organizational content on Total Expert to help facilitate the growth of your co-marketing partners. 

I Want to Invite Multiple Agents From One Real Estate Brokerage to Co-Market

You first need to request a "brokerage authorization form" from the Total Expert Product Support Team.

This form requires a signature from the office broker for the real estate agents. Once you get the signature, Total Expert sends you a spreadsheet where you need to fill out all the agents' basic information in order to create free basic Total Expert accounts on their behalf. 

Please reach out to for more information OR to request the form. 

Need more help? Click HERE to view our co-marketing FAQ content.