What Format Does the Import File Need to Be In?

We require that the contact import file be in a CSV format. 

How Do I Save My XLSX (Excel) File As a CSV?

  1. Within the Excel application, click File > Save As.
    • A new screen will appear. 
  2. Next to File Format, click the dropdown menu and choose the CSV common format. 
  3. Click Save

What Are the Minimum Required Data Points That Are Needed in the CSV File?

Each contact must have the following in order to be successfully imported:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address OR phone number OR full address

Can I Have The First And Last Name Columns Combined?

No. Please separate the first name and last name column on your file. 

Can I Add Contacts to an Existing Group?

Yes, you can. The group that you are adding contacts to must be included on the import CSV file. You must have a "Group" or "ContactGroup.name" column to put a contact into a specific group.

How Do I Add Contacts to More Than One Group?

Enter multiple groups under the "Group" column and separate them with commas (no spaces). 

  • Ex: Realtor,Seller's Agent,Friend

Do I Need To Specify The Different Phone Numbers of a Contact With Separate Headers?

Yes. Phone numbers need to be in separate columns that are specified by a separate header. 

  • Ex: "Cell Phone" or "Contact.phone_cell" for the contact's cell phone number, "Home Phone" or "Contact.phone_home " for the contact's home number, and "Office Number" or " Contact.phone_office" for the contact's office number.