How Do I Search For Specific Templates I Want to Use?

Click HERE to learn more. 

What Should I Do If I Cannot Find the Correct Print Piece?

Please reach out to your internal marketing team if you have searched for a certain print piece but cannot find it. It is possible that the piece has not yet been created or is not under the name you are searching for. 

Please reach out to for assistance if you do not know how to contact your internal marketing team.

I Cannot Find the Template That I Published

Published print marketing templates are found under your saved templates. Toggle between Drafts, Pending Approval, Approved, or Denied sections while searching. 

  1. On the left navigation, click Print Marketing > Saved Templates
    • Use the search bar to quickly find your print piece.

Why Can I Not Access Certain Marketing Pieces?

Sometimes your internal marketing team will require you to request access to a certain print piece. 

What is the Difference Between Saving a Draft and Publishing?

Saving a print piece as a draft allows you to make updates at a later time and add additional draft notes for co-marketers.

Publishing your print pieces means that they are live for your customers to view. This allows you to generate a PDF from this print piece. 

Can I Make Updates to a Published Print Piece?

No, you cannot make changes to print pieces that have already been published. You need to recreate the print piece to make adjustments. 

Your print piece would need to be saved as a draft in order to make updates.