1. On the left navigation, click Campaigns > Drip Campaigns
  2. Click Create
  3. Input a name for the campaign and choose your campaign type. 
    • Incremental Days - Sends emails within the campaign at certain increments based on when the campaign was assigned to a contact.
      • Ex: Specifying that an email should be sent on "day 5" means that the email will send five days after the campaign was assigned to that contact. 
      • NOTE: Emails will not be sent out on the same day the campaign is assigned. 
    • Date Specific- Schedule the emails to go out to contacts within the campaign for an actual date rather than choosing increments.
  4. Check the box next to all the messages you want this campaign to have. 
    • Must choose at least one message. 

If Incremental Days Was Chosen

  1. Under the On Day column, enter a value next to each letter that coincides with the day you want them to be sent.
    • Ex: 1, 8, 15, 23, and 30 for a campaign lasting 5 weeks. 
  2. Click Save Campaign

If Date Specific Was Chosen

  1. Under the On Daycolumn, click into the box and choose a specific date that the letters will be sent. 
    • NOTE: You must choose a date that is later than the current date. Do not choose the same day you built the drip campaign. 
  2. Click Save Campaign