1. On the left navigation, click Leads & Contacts > Settings > Lead Sources.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Input the necessary and mandatory fields. 
    • Source Name - Name of the lead source. Sources can include single property sites, event registration forms, open house forms, and advertising services. 
    • Welcome Email (Optional) - Allows you to pick a greeting email. 
      • Welcome Email Delay (Optional) - Allows you to choose the amount of time it takes for the welcome email to send to the contact. 
    • Lead Assignment Routing (Optional) - Allows you to pick a lead route. Click HERE to learn more about lead routing. 
    • Assign to User (Optional)- Assigning to an individual user will disable any lead routing you have added. 
    • Assign Email Campaign (Optional) - Adding an email campaign to every lead generated by this source. 
    • Share With Users (Optional) - Share new leads generated by the source with other agents or lenders. 
    • Groups (Optional) -  Assign new leads to a group you've already created. Click HERE to learn more about groups. 
  4. Click Submit