NOTE: Lead routing will only be activated if a lead/contact comes from a single property website, lead capture app, or lead parsing service. 

Lead Routing allows you to automatically distribute incoming contacts to other members of your team. 

  • The route will start with the first user in your route order. 
  • The next user in line will be the first to get notified of the next lead if a lead is accepted. 
  • The lead will be assigned to your "Default Acceptor" if a full pass has been made and no one accepts.

  1. On the left navigation, click Leads & Contacts > Settings > Lead Routing.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Update your settings.
    • Name
    • Default Acceptor - Who gets the lead if no one accepts it. 
    • Delay Pass - Amount of time one team member has to accept until the lead gets passed to the next team member. 
  4. Update your order by choosing a user, then click Add
    • Click the X to remove the user. 
  5. Click, hold, drag, and drop the user to re-order. 
  6. Click Submit

PRO TIP: If you have AT&T as your cellular service you will be notified of a new contact through lead routing, but you will have to accept the contact via email or from your CRM. AT&T services are not compatible with routing notifications.