NOTE: You may not have access to this feature depending on your access. 

Action Plans allow you to save a series of tasks that you can assign to a contact at once. 

  • Allows you to have a standard workflow that you can save and apply to new leads or existing contacts. 

  1. On the left navigation, click Leads & Contacts > Settings > Action Plans.
  2. Click Create
  3. Input a name and click Add a Milestone.
    • NOTE: You can add as many milestones to an action plan as you want. They are intended for your own organizational records, and are not reflected in contact records.
  4. Click Add a Task and input the necessary information. 
    • Name of Task - All tasks in the plan will show as open tasks and the name of the task will reflect in the contact record once an action plan is applied to a contact. 
    • Completion Email - An email will automatically be sent to the contact once a task is marked as complete. 
    • Assign To - Assign a task to a co-marketing partner, a team member, or yourself. 
    • On Day - When the task is due. The number is based on when the action plan is assigned. 
      • Ex: Day 1 would be the day after the action plan is assigned. 
  5. Click Submit