When Is a Listing Insight Created?

When Total Expert can confidently match the address of a current contact with the address from a recent MLS listing.

Insights are also created for all Sales Boomerang alerts that a user has enabled. 

How Can I View My Contacts' Listing Insights?

The best method to get notified of any insight activity is use the listing insight Focus View to check in with newly listed clients. 

Can I View Listing Insight Information Within Contact Records?

Yes, you can. Click HERE to learn more. 

Why Did an Insight Disappear? 

Insights only appear in the platform for seven days. They are designed for quick communication and follow-up. 

Do Sales Boomerang Insights Disappear After Seven Days?

No. These insights do not expire. 

Where Do I See Insight Activity for Sales Boomerang Contacts?

Insight activity information from contacts that are associated with Sales Boomerang appear in the contact's activity stream. Plans have been made to move that information under the "Insights" header in the near future. 

Are Insights Available for All Sales Boomerang Products?

Yes. Sales Boomerang alerts show in the contact's activity feed and they create a task. 

Is it Possible to See Duplicate Listings if the User Has a Sales Boomerang Integration?

Yes, you could see a listing insight and Sales Boomerang listing alert. 

Why Do I Not See a Listing When I Know My Customer Recently Listed Their Home?

There are three primary reasons for this:

  1. A loan officer does not have a co-marketing relationship with an agent that is a member of the MLS where the listing originated.
  2. Total Expert could not confidently match the contact's address with the listing address. 
  3. The listing insight has expired.