The Email Stats tab gives you a look into how well your direct messages, journeys, and drip campaigns are engaging with their recipients. 

How to Find My Email Stats

  1. On the left navigation, click Email Marketing > Email Stats.


Clicking on the column title will sort your list. 

  • Name - Clicking on the name of the email will show in-depth stats regarding that specific template. 
  • Type- Classifying if your email is a direct message, journey, or drip campaign. 
  • Send Date - The date the message was sent. 
  • Total - How many recipients were connected to the email. 
  • Canceled - Has this message been canceled or not. 
  • Sent- Percentage of the recipients the email sent to.
  • Delivered - Percentage of recipients that received the email.
  • Open Rate - Percentage of the recipients opened the email.
  • Click Rate - Percentage of the recipients clicked the links within the email content.
  • Bounces - Percentage of the recipients that didn't receive the email due to the wrong email address on file.
  • Unsubscribes - Recipients that chose to unsubscribe.
  • Spam Complaints - Recipients that toggled your email as spam.

Take Action on Contact

  1. Within the Email Stats tab, click on the name of an email template. 
  2. Under Contacts, check the box next to the contact and click the three dots icon (...)
  3. Choose an action.