NOTE: Only new tasks and appointments that have been created after the integration is connected will sync to your Office 365 calendar. Old tasks and appointments will not sync. 

The Office 365 integration shares the appointments and tasks you make on Total Expert to your Office 365 calendar. 

  • Appointments and tasks are a one-way sync. You must make your adjustments within Total Expert. Changing them on your Office 365 calendar does not mean they will sync to your Total Expert account. 
  • You can view Office 365 email activity within a contact record. 

Integrate With Office 365

  1. In the top navigation bar, click your account name > Integration Settings
  2. Next to the Office 365 integration, click Connect
    • A new screen will appear. 
  3. Choose your account and sign in. 
  4. The next screen will list what Total Expert needs to access, read, and maintain.
  5. Click Accept