NOTE: Your organization may have an alternative area where contact imports should be sent. Please check with your internal administration team first.

  1. Export your contacts from your existing service(s). 
  2. Download the Contact Import Template (located at the bottom of this article). 
  3. Copy the exported data and paste it into the Contact Import Template spreadsheet. 
  4. Double check your file for any typos or spelling errors.
    • NOTE: Total Expert is not responsible for any formatting errors.
  5. Save your spreadsheet as a .CSV file.
  6.  Send your file to or use the chat widget.
    • NOTE: Please specify in your email or chat if you want your contacts put into groups. 


  • Separate your contact names into both the "First Name" and "Last Name" columns. 
  • Try to only include all necessary and important information. This ensures a cleaner import with less errors.