My Co-Marketing Partner Can't Find the Invitation I Sent

Try having your co-marketing partner double check their spam or junk folders. If it's still not there, try resending the email again. Click HERE to read how. 

Why Has My Co-Marketing Partner Not Accepted My Invitation?

Double check that the email address you sent the invite to is correct, then try and call your co-marketer to see if the email got lost in their spam or junk folder. If you still can't find it, try deleting and resending the invitation you sent. 

Do Co-Marketers Get Notifications to Create Their Accounts?

Yes, they do! Co-marketing partners receive reminder emails to both register and finish their account setup. These reminder emails are sent 3 days after and then 7 days after the initial invitation was sent. 

Do All of My Co-Marketing Partners Need an Account? 

Yes. Every co-marketing partner will need to accept the invitation to setup an account. 

Can Real Estate Agents Co-Market With More Than One Lender?

Yes, you can! You can have multiple invites on your account. Each time you log in to your account after an invite is sent, you are connected with the lender. 

Can I Re-Invite a Co-Marketing Partner After I Remove the Connection?

Yes, you can! Just invite that same contact again to co-market with you. Click HERE to read how. 

My Partners' Listings Do Not Show Up Automatically When Creating Marketing Assets

This usually happens when your co-marketing partner enters the incorrect MLS Agent ID or MLS Association information. Feel free to reach out to for assistance. 

I'm Not Receiving Listing Alerts From My Partner

Please confirm that your co-marketing partner has entered the correct MLS Agent ID and has selected their MLS Association. Feel free to reach out to for assistance. 

How Do I Allow For My Co-Marketing Partners to Update My Account?

There are two areas on the platform where you need to check off the ability for a co-marketer to update your account. Click HERE to learn more. 

Can I Update a Co-Marketer's Email Address on Their Profile?

No. Updating an email address for a co-marketer is not allowed due to the potential login security risk. 

Your co-marketer will need to reach out directly to for assistance, or they can update their account settings. Click HERE to learn more. 

Why is My Co-Marketer Brought to the Login Page When They Click on the Co-Marketing Link?

This means that your co-marketing partner already has a Total Expert account. They will need to login to their TE account to become connected. 

If your partner does not remember their login password, there is a Forgot Password button they can click. Once their password is changed, have them click on the co-marketing link again to connect.