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When to Use Which Product Support Resource

Method of ContactSummary of GuidelinesPriorityExamplesPrimary Inquiry Categories
Used for quick, transactional questions and concerns.

  • Please keep your messages brief and concise. 
  • Be specific about the issue you are facing. 
  • Have all your account information ready if you can. 
  • Allow some time for our representatives to respond. They may be assisting other customers. 
  • Password reset requests
  • Common product functionality questions
  • Co-Marketing Partners
  • Dashboards
  • Leads and Contacts
  • Task Management
  • User/account information
EmailUsed for questions and concerns that take some time to research and understand.

  • Please provide clear and detailed description of your issue or question. 
  • Include relevant screenshots or attachments, if applicable. 
  • Use a descriptive subject line to help us prioritize your inquiry. 
  • Include any specific names of journeys, campaigns, flyers, contacts, etc. 
  • New product features
  • Contact imports
  • Marketing inquiries 
  • Data imports
  • Marketing - email/print/web
  • Loans
  • Listing and MLS data
  • Reporting


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Used for questions and concerns that take time to research, understand the scope, deal with possible defects, and anything that requires higher priority.

  • Provide comprehensive description of the issue and include steps to reproduce. 
  • Attach any relevant documents, images, or videos that can show the issue in more detail.
  • Indicate priority level.

  • Potential bugs and defects
  • Journey reviews
  • Other high-priority concerns
  • Integrations
  • Marketing automation
  • Merchandise
  • Organization Admin
  • Marketing management
  • Total Expert API

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